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 Why Infomergent?

Infomergent is not like other data service providers. We ask questions. We listen. We treat you like we would want to be treated. We’re thinking about your success long after you’ve left the office for the day. We are even dissatisfied with the little imperfections that you might be perfectly happy with.

Infomergent is focused on you. We are not trying to please shareholders. We are not serving a distant parent company. We are not offering you a service just to get you into a higher priced product. We exist only to make you successful; if you don’t prosper from our work, then we shouldn’t either.


Flexible Data Services

We are flexible because it allows us to provide better service to you. It helps us to deliver the services you want rather than having to convince you to want the services we offer. Our flexibility and other-centric service is what puts Infomergent in a position of competitive advantage over other service providers.

How can Infomergent say Yes for you?


Reliable Data Services

When you flip a light switch, you don’t stop to wonder if it will work. You are probably already thinking about the next thing before you even flip it. The reliability of the switch has built such trust with you that you take its functioning for granted.

This picture of reliability is what Infomergent wants to be for you ... to be able to engage us with such trust it doesn’t require another thought.


Resourceful Solutions

(adj.) re•source•ful, /ri'sôrsfəl/

Defininition: Having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome challenges

Clever, Ingenious, Inventive, Infomergent

Someday the dictionary will consider us to be synonymous with Resourceful.

Show us your challenge ... we’ll show you an opportunity.

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