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 Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: At some data shops Iíve had to interface directly with very technical people to advance my projects and found it difficult. Does Infomergent use this model or do they have client-service specialists for me to talk to?
A: We employ client services staff who are experts in working with our customers. They manage your project end-to-end and translate your requirements for our programmers who make it all happen behind the scenes. Our client services staff are bi-lingual, they are fluent in Your Language ... and in Geek.

Q: Is Infomergent owned by or affiliated with another company?
A: No. This is increasingly rare these days but is one of our keys to success. Because we are independent we are nimble in our decision-making and have the flexibility to meet your needs. Our independence also means we arenít here just to hit a quarterly number or to up-sell you on another product offered by a parent company.

Q: Do I need a contract to work with Infomergent?
A: No, although contracts can be useful in some situations. Most of our clients do not use one and so are free to choose Ö but choose to keep coming back to Infomergent. We work hard to keep it that way.

Q: Why havenít I heard of Infomergent before?
A: Since its inception, Infomergent has grown almost exclusively through word-of-mouth. While we may choose to reach out here and there, we generally prefer to invest our resources in our clients who in turn are the best sales force one could hope to have.

Q: Can I have my list broker send lists to Infomergent directly?
A: Of course. Most of our acquisition (merge/purge) customers do.

Q: I have a consortium database; can Infomergent segment rented lists proportional to my members?
A: Yes. Infomergent can also build and manage geographic territories for each chapter organization.

Q: Will I have my own account representative?
A: Yes. Once youíre a repeat client (quarterly or more), you will have your own client advocate here at Infomergent. Your representative serves as your single point of contact and grows to know you and your projects more and more deeply with time. As your representative has a need to step away for an extended period such as for vacation, he or she will contact you with support coverage.

Q: I have contact lists from various people at my organization in addition to lists from different fundraising events weíve done. Can we really turn this into a marketing database?
A: Yes! We have techniques to get more out of this data than you may think possible, give us a call.


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